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Rediscovering Your New Life -ISBN-13-978-1987464139

When you are born again in Christ, you receive new life in Him. In his new work, Rediscovering Your New Life: A Guide on How to Experience God’s Greater Blessings, author E. N. Jinor shares the secrets of Scripture that reveal keys to accessing your God-given purpose and destiny. Within a study of the Old Testament and New Testament, E N Jinor explores the origins of the Old Covenant and salvation in Christ’s atoning sacrifice through the New Covenant. Discover God’s grace, gospel truths, and hope in a Heavenly Father who desires to bless you with deliverance and victory. By understanding God’s provision, you can access a life of rest and restoration and enjoy blessings as a joint heir with Christ. Full of encouragement to strengthen your faith, this book will open your eyes to the freedom of Christianity as you develop spiritual growth and a relationship with the Holy Spirit.

This book is available for e-readers, Paperback and Hardcover and on All Amazon America, Europe and Asia sites. It's also available on, Apple Ibook and several other online bookstores. You may also request a copy through your local bookstore. 

Your Authority in Christ

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