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When you are born again in Christ, you receive new life in Him. In his new work, Rediscovering Your New Life: A Guide on How to Experience God’s Greater Blessings, author E. N. Jinor shares the secrets of Scripture that reveal keys to accessing your God-given purpose and destiny. Within a study of the Old Testament and New Testament, Jinor explores the origins of the Old Covenant and salvation in Christ’s atoning sacrifice through the New Covenant. Discover God’s grace, gospel truths, and hope in a Heavenly Father who desires to bless you with deliverance and victory. By understanding God’s provision, you can access a life of rest and restoration and enjoy blessings as a joint heir with Christ. Full of encouragement to strengthen your faith, this book will open your eyes to the freedom of Christianity as you develop spiritual growth and a relationship with the Holy Spirit.

The writing style was easy to read and the reader should have no problem with the message that was intended. This book is a must read for every believer.

Pastor R. Smith


The biblical references and accounts in this book have been structured in such a way to help the reader gain a greater appreciation for one's purpose and destiny.

Elder K Moen

I impact of the contents of this book will bless the lives of the entire body of Christ especially those in leadership and workers in ministries. I recommend the teaching and inspiring words of God through this book. 

Bishop M. Cole